In June 2020, I’v decided to build a workstation. Except for a NUC, I think I only had laptops since about the year 2002. My first idea was to build a small machine: probably a Ryzen 3900x using an ITX motherboard, that could fit in a NZXT H1 case. (There is this Asrock X570-based motherboard, supporting 128GB of memory.)

Then I read a bit more about some AMD CPUs (Ryzen, Threadripper, and EPYC) and I became interested, for fun, in the idea of a “real” CPU and a “real” motherboard: with a BMC supporting IPMI, and the possibility to create a dual socket system.

And I went overboard: a Supermicro, dual socket motherboard, with 16 PCI-E slots. As it uses a E-ATX form factor, I had to choose a bigger case. The result is a little monster, dubbed “Mini”.


  • 1x Thermaltake A700 case
  • 2x EPYC 7282 CPUs – total: 32 cores
  • 16x 16GB memory sticks – total: 256GB

This is nifty: you can create about 30 VMs, each receiving 1 core and 8GB, and keep 2 cores and 16GB for the host (or 60 VMs, each receiving 1 hardware thread and 4GB).